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Developing Psychic Abilities

Title: Developing Psychic Ability's
Post by: Ryan on October 25, 2008, 07:06:27 AM

After this post on Clairvoyance, there follows articles on:
1.   Telekinesis
2.   Telepathy
3.   Dowsing
4.   Invisibility
5.   Levitation
6.   Teleportation


Clairvoyance definition is the art of seeing through the third eye or 6th chakra
It is often called 6th sense
To see things beyond the range of the power of vision
To see without the use of the known senses
Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to receive messages from other realms through the imagery that is already present in your mind
an ability to receive information regardless of time or distance
A sense that we are all born with but over time some may forget

Clairvoyance can be divided firstly into these two categories:

Voluntary clairvoyance freely occurs when the individual is in control of this sense and able access information through it when they choose

Involuntary clairvoyance occurs when the individual has no control of the sense and receives information when it is given. This can be dangerous if permitted because the individual is open to possession by discarnate entities.

The three main types of clairvoyance are:
1.      Clairvoyance involves no outside help such as spirits or guides
2.      Seeing Viojora is where the clairvoyant views the situation as if they were actually there
3.      Seeing involves help from spirits where the messages are transmitted in symbolic form or vague visions

All forms can be experienced at a variety of skill levels ie. From long clear visions to short faint ones.

Beginning Clairvoyance - A common mistake people make is assuming that 'seeing' involves the use of the eyes when in a closed state. Do not strain to see. You do not have to have your eyes closed to access your third eye however in the beginning it is recommend to shut out all distractions.

Finding Your Minds Eye
Sitting comfortably, close you eyes
Remember where you were yesterday
What does it look like?
Realize that you have created a picture in your minds eye to recall this time
Notice where this image is projected within your body
This is your inner screen or minds eye

Exploring Your Clairvoyance
Sit comfortably with your eyes closed
Notice the inner screen of your mind
Bring your attention to the space between your eyes at the center of your forehead (your third eye)
Visualize your third eye expanding
Do you see anything shapes, colors, anything at all?
Do not judge yourself or expect to much of yourself
Just be aware of images of any sort that come to mind
If nothing comes don't be discouraged
Developing this skill may take some time
Know that by bringing your attention to your third eye the skill of clairvoyance has already began to awaken
Like all skills the development or rather the remembrance of it will involve persistence

Further Exploration
Once you are feeling more confident and begin seeing images in your minds eye you could try this activity with a friend to test clairvoyance

Have a friend set up a room in the house
Change things about it, move things and add things
Have your friend sit in a certain position in the room

Remain in a separate room
Bring your focus to your inner sight
See the room in your minds eye
What do you see? Where is your friend sitting? What has moved?
Record what you see and than check with your friend

To test clairvoyance may make you feel pressured to get it right. If it does try the experience of simply seeing what is happening at your friends house through your third eye in your own time and then giving him/her a phone call to see how they are and what they are up to. Did you sense any of what was happening?

Eventually though it may be nice to measure your success to see how far you have come i.e. test clairvoyance

Free your 6th sense and begin to tune into your inner eye


Title: Telekinesis
Post by: Ryan on October 25, 2008, 07:11:45 AM

What is Telekinesis
§   The ability to move objects from one place to another without physical contact
§   Reshaping objects using the mind energy i.e. Bending a fork by focusing on it
§   Also known as "Psychokinesis" (mind-movement)
§   Telekinesis is the moving of objects and or the transforming (reshaping) of objects
§   Telekinesis is the ability to move an object on the physical plane using only psychic powers
§   psychic abilities like Telekinesis are often dormant in people until discovered and utilised

How to Develop Telekinesis

An Exercise to Assist You in Developing Telekinesis
1.   Choose a utensil
2.   Hold it in your hand comfortably
3.   Find a comfortable position to sit and relax breathing effortlessly
4.   Close your eyes
5.   Let the days thoughts go
6.   Focus on the utensil
7.   Slowly run your fingers over its surface and feel its energy
8.   At the moment when there is no separation between you and the fork and you actually feel its energy- bend it

9.   If it bends you did the exercise correctly. If not it could be because your mind wasn't focused and other thoughts entered. It will take some practice and persistence when developing telekinesis.

Tips on Developing Telekinesis
1.   Don't think about the process or what may or may not happen just practice as if its an experiment
2.   Relax and enjoy the process of developing telekinesis (up to 7 days a week if possible)
3.   Stop if you get a headache
4.   Without believing it is possible it will not manifest- believe you can move objects with you mind and you will
5.   Focus all your attention. There is no room left in your mind for thoughts of what you had for dinner last night.
6.   it is easiest to start with light objects such as feathers or thin paper


Title: Telepathy
Post by: Ryan on October 25, 2008, 07:19:26 AM

What is Telepathy ?
A.   Telepathy is the direct transference of thought from one person (sender) to another person (receiver) without using normal sensory channels.
B.   The ability to communicate on another level than verbal and written - you communicate using only your mind. It's sending and receiving thoughts.
C.   transfer of physical, emotional or mental energy,and or a combination of these energies, from one living being to another without physical contact.
D.   Telepathy is instinctual. Primitive species used it as a survival mechanism. It involves mind to mind contact
E.   communication - beyond the use of the five physical senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.

Types of Telepathy
1.   physical telepathy
2.   emotional telepathy
3.   mental telepathy

to learn telepathy one needs to identify the type most suitable to ones own abilities

How to develop Telepathy
1.   everybody has latent telepathic abilities and it is a matter of remembering and accessing those
2.   to lean telepathy try and practice telepathic exercises
3.   it is important to know how to clear your mind, how to center yourself and how to concentrate on being in the moment
4.   meditation techniques can help to focus one's presence
5.   What is Twin Telepathy ?
6.   telepathic abilities displayed by twins
7.   Twins are often telepathic from when they are very young infants
8.   they are in the same frequency at the same time and learn to communicate with words.
9.   as infants twins telepathy often is about a single thought - the feeling of hunger, later twins use it as a form of instinctive communication
10.   twin telepathy or telepathy between close family members can remain functioning for a life time.
11.   to learn telepathy between family members can result in faster success

Learn Telepathy Exercise using Colour
1.   get 5 different colored objects ready (the same object but 5 different colours, e.g. coloured pens, rubber bands,sweets,sheets of paper etc.)

2.   Be present in this moment
3.   Center yourself
4.   Feel yourself to be truly "here" and "now" present
5.   Still your mind
6.   Do not think of any other place. Do not think of the past or the future
7.   Do not think of anything
8.   ( this is the hardest part of learn telepathy, to still the mind - meditation can be a good telepathy exercise in preparation for transmitting telepathic signals)
9.   Sit down with another person
10.   Choose one person to "send" and the other to "receive".
11.   The person who sends (Sender) chooses a color in their mind.
12.   Sender then 'send' this color to the mind of the other person beginning the sending by speaking the work"begin"
13.   Receiver then tries to connect with senders mind to see if they can pick up what is being telepathically send
14.   the receiver might then say a colour - maybe red
15.   sender then says one of two things "yes" if the colour was correct
16.   and then choose another and says "begin" to send another colour or the same one again.
17.   If the correct colour was not picked up by the receiver the sender simply says "no" and keeps transmitting the same colour thereby the receiver keeps trying to read the transmitted colour..
18.   Start with doing this exercise for five minutes increasing it to ten minutes when comfortable
19.   Take a break and then complete the same telepathy exercises with the roles of sender and receiver reversed.


Learn Telepathy Exercise using Playing Cards
1.   you will need a pack of playing cards
2.   a sheet of paper and a pencil for scoresheet
3.   Be present in this moment
4.   Center yourself
5.   Feel yourself to be truly "here" and "now" present
6.   Still your mind
7.   Do not think of any other place. Do not think of the past or the future
8.   Do not think of anything
9.   ( this is the hardest part of learn telepathy, to still the mind - meditation can be a good telepathy exercise in preparation for transmitting telepathic signals)
10.   Choose one person to "send" and the other to "receive".
11.   Sit down back to back with another person , the receivers back faces the senders back
12.   Sender shuffles the pack of cards and lifts up the top card looking at it
13.   Sender then "tap's the card" signaling the beginning of transmission
14.   Sender then mentally 'send' the color red or black depending on the colour of the card to the mind of the other person
15.   Receiver then tries to connect with senders mind to see if they can pick up what is being telepathically send
16.   There are several ways of "sending"…..imagine the word red or the word black when you close your eyes, or think of a red or black object, i.e. imagine a red fireengine, a red flower, a red carpet or a black Porsche, black soot, black dustbin
17.   The receiver then calls out the caller that he or she thinks the card is.
18.   The sender places a tick (for a correct answer) or a cross (for a wrong one) on the scoresheet

There are 52 cards in a playing card pack

According to the Law of chance a score of 26 correct answers is predicted

The receiver who scores consistently higher then the average 50150 score is undoubtedly making use of some kind of telepathic power.

When you have experimented with telepathic exercises with colours for a while you can start attempting to telepathically transmit different suits.

To Learn Telepathy takes time and patience.psychic sources,develop telepathy,developing telepathy, mental telepathy,telepathic abilities,


Title: Dowsing
Post by: Ryan on October 25, 2008, 07:38:17 AM


The definition of dowsing has changed over the years from a narrow perspective to a wider one. Here are a few definitions.

1.   The use of rods or pendulums to find minerals or water
2.   The use of apparent paranormal senses or extrasensory perceptions to make discoveries
3.   The search for under ground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod

Dowsing involves asking a series of 'yes' or 'no' questions The tool then responds to these question with a movement The dowser will know the answer by the type of movement the tool makes For example; if the rods dowsing swing outward or cross each other the answer is 'yes'. If the rods dowsing don't move at all then the answer is 'no'. It is through a series of questions from the dowser and responses by the tool that the dowser gets closer to target and eventually finds what he/she is looking for.

Rods- A tool with two L shaped rods commonly made out of metal. They are held parallel to the ground with the short end of the rod in each hand. The rods dowsing will cross when the target is near.

Pendulum- A tool with a device hanging from a string commonly made out of crystal or metal. It may swing or move back and forth when the target is near

Fork stick- A tool commonly made from a Y shaped stick or fresh tree branch. This is the most traditional tool and is also held parallel to the ground. The stick moves up or down when it is near target.

There is no limit to the tools you can use or the materials the tools are made from. Some people are able to dowse with plastic or parts of their bodies. It is about finding what works for you.
Map dowsing is achieved without physically being at a site. It requires a dowsing map which could be any map of the location you are searching within. A pendulum or rod could be used. The pendulum is held over the map and will indicated when asked to show the target area by swinging or moving back and forth. On sight dowsing is when the dowser is physically present at the location where he/she is searching.

HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR DOWSING - Fundamental Things You Will Need to do in Order to Dowse Accurately
1.   Find your 'yes' and 'No'
2.   Concentrate
3.   Ask the right questions
4.   Practice

We will work with the Rods dowsing through out these exercises but once the principles or techniques are learnt you can apply these to other tools

Getting the Feel of the Rods Activity
1.   Hold one rod in each hand parallel to the ground
2.   Feel them as an extension of your body
3.   Find a comfortable grip slightly firm but not so tight that they could never move
4.   They may begin to swing all over the place without you physically causing it (this is good)
5.   Now walk with them and concentrate on keeping them still
6.   They may feel more comfortable with the extension of the rod above your hand or below. Time will tell as you work through the other exercises.
7.   Now allow them to move at their own will
8.   Continue allowing them to move and consciously making them stop until it happens instantly

Finding Your 'Yes' and 'No'
1.   With complete concentration
2.   Ask the rods dowsing "Show me my 'yes'"
3.   Pay attention to how the rods move
4.   This is the movement that shows you the answer is 'yes'
5.   Ask the rods dowsing "show me my 'no'"
6.   Pay attention to how the rods move
7.   This is the movement or none movement that shows you the answer is 'no'
8.   The most common 'yes' is movement and the most common 'no' is none movement
9.   To test the responses ask a question that you know the answer to
10.   Example- "Am I wearing red shoes?"
11.   This may need to be done a few times until you can trust the response of your rod
12.   Keep in mind that your degree of concentration will affect the results
13.   Also keep in mind that your responses for 'yes' and 'no' may change
14.   It is a good idea to ask the rod to show you your 'yes' and 'no' at the begining of each dowsing session to check this
Development Exercise
1.   Lay a piece of rope, garden hose or string in a line in front of you
2.   Hold the rods parallel to each other and the ground
3.   Close your eyes
4.   Stand back from the line
5.   Focus on the rope
6.   Become the rope
7.   Ask "Where is the rope?" as you walk forward
8.   Stop if your rods dowsing show you a 'yes'
9.   Notice where you are
10.   If you were focused your rods dowsing should have crossed or given you a 'yes'

Formulating Questions
1.   It is important that your question be able to be answered by a 'yes' or 'no'
2.   The rods dowsing can not reason
3.   Be specific as possible
4.   If you are dowsing treasure and ask "Show me the treasure" you could be shown a tin can. Your rubbish may be someone Else's treasure. What do you define as treasure? If you are money dowsing a more appropriate question would be "Is this where the money is?"
5.   The rods dowsing make no judgment. They tell the truth.
6.   Formulate one after the other so you can narrow it down i.e. Is there water in this paddock? Is it within 100 square meters of me? Is it within 50 square meters of me?
7.   Then you would want to know if the water is drinkable, if its below the surface etc.
8.   These types of questions allow for accurate results
9.   Meditation is recommended for the development of concentration which is necessary when dowsing
10.   (Affiliate for mediation CD)
11.   You will know that you are dowsing when you come to a conclusion that your logical mind would not have given
12.   From money dowsing, dowsing treasure to dowsing water there is no limit to what you could search for. Enjoy discovering.


Title: Invisibility
Post by: Ryan on November 02, 2008, 06:41:49 PM

Taken From: Invisibility 100 (

How To Become Invisible

by Erik Dege
It sounds incredible, doesn't it? Like something straight out of a movie. You'd be right to be sceptical - I was too, when I first heard of the technique. I mean, how can it be possible? Bend light somehow? Use an advanced camouflage method as shown in the James Bond film "Die Another Day"? Make your molecules invisible? Unfortunately, none of these methods are practical. The most promising of them would seem to be the James Bond one - at least a very basic form of that technology has already been demonstrated, though certainly not to the extent shown in the movie. But the method I was taught takes a different approach to the problem. One that I am pleased to be able to reveal to the world.

So will this really make me invisible?

To all human eyes, you will be totally invisible. You will be able to make objects appear to float around the room, you'll be able to walk freely in and out of restricted areas without fear of being spotted, all your fantasies will become true! You are free to use this power as you wish, though I would suggest you are careful - as we shall see, just because you are invisible to other people, it doesn't mean that other animals or security cameras can't see you.

What do you mean?

Well, as you may have guessed by now, the method of invisibility I am about to teach you is based on psychological effects. It's not hypnosis, and it will work on over 99.9% of the people you will encounter on your invisible travels, but it is not 100% foolproof (and I have yet to see proof of any method that is). It also requires a lot of mental effort to sustain the invisibility, so plenty of practise is required. To begin with, you may experience only moments of partial transparency, but with enough training you should be able to go for over an hour in full invisibility. My personal record is over 80 minutes of sustained transparency!

It sounds too good to be true. Let's get started!

Don't try to run before you can walk. There are several key stages which must be perfected before the effect even begins to become noticeable. But stick with it and I guarantee that you will achieve what most people think is impossible. I don't believe there is anything in the technique that would make it unsuitable for any age - as long as you're old enough to understand what I say, and competent enough to use your mind as I instruct, you will be well on the way to becoming invisible.
If this technique is so good, why haven't I seen it on TV?

As mentioned previously, there is a large psychological element to it. This means that although people won't see you, cameras will. Trying to perform the effect on television will only make you look an idiot. The people in the studio might not see you, but everyone at home will know exactly what you're up to. That's not to say I haven't been asked - several TV presenters who have seen my demonstrations have almost demanded that I appear on their shows, but I have had to decline. I am not currently at liberty to reveal their identities.

Are you the only one who knows how to do this?

By no means! I've taught the skills to approximately 40 people over the past five years, and I know of at least two of them who have gone on to reveal the method to others. There have also been several people I have attempted to teach, but for various reasons they gave up or did not complete the full course, and never achieved total transparency. All of those who completed the exercises have demonstrated an ability to become invisible. You may have even encountered one of these people and not known it!

I have also heard reports of people experiencing moments of spontaneous invisibility - take a look at this site and this site to read more about them. Note that none of the people mentioned in these articles have been trained - given suitable instruction they would be able to control their episodes.

What about my clothes? Do I have to be naked?

That's the beauty of psychological effects - it's not your skin that becomes invisible, it's the whole you, which includes anything you might be wearing. Once you have become invisible, you'll be able to manipulate objects that are currently in view of observers, but anything on you at the time you perform the transformation will be included. Of course, once you're invisible you're free to run around naked if that's what interests you - no-one will know!

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

You're paying nothing to be here, so you've lost nothing other than a few minutes of your time reading this. If you decide to go ahead and begin training for full invisibility you will need to devote a certain amount of your spare time to it, but believe me if you follow my instructions you will see results! Once you master the effect, you'll soon come up with novel ways to make money from it - though I cannot condone illegal activities.

This is some kind of joke, right?

If you don't want to believe this is possible, you'll never succeed. A positive mental attitude is one of the keys to making this work. Read through what I have to say, and move on to the next site on your list. For those of you who are willing to put in the time, you'll discover just how much fun being invisible can be!
Come on! How do we do it???

Ok, ok, I won't keep you waiting any longer. It's time to let you in on the secrets of true invisibility. It starts simple, with a mental exercise that you can practise whenever you have a quiet moment. Here's what you have to do:

    * Sit somewhere you can feel relaxed
    * Close your eyes
    * Imagine what it might feel like to be invisible
    * Picture yourself living out your invisible fantasies
    * After about five minutes of this, concentrate on one part of your body - a fingertip is a good choice - and will it to become invisible. See it in your mind's eye as it slowly becomes transparent, revealing what is behind it.
    * Once it is invisible in your mind, hold that thought for as long as possible. You may find your mind begins to wander. If it does, don't worry, relax. Wait a while, and try again.
    * To begin with you may only be able to hold that thought for a few seconds, or perhaps a minute at most. Keep practising. You'll need to be able to hold that thought uppermost in your mind for at least FIVE minutes before continuing on to stage 2. Distractions are, unfortunately, inevitable, but with enough practise, you'll find you are able to ignore them.
    * Keep repeating this exercise for at least three weeks. If you still haven't reached five minutes, stick with it - it will happen. Some people have taken two or more months to achieve this, but everyone who has stuck with it has made it to five minutes.
    * The best way to time yourself is to glance at a clock before you begin to concentrate. When your mind begins to wander - however slight it may be - open your eyes again and check the clock. You may be surprised how long you kept that thought going.

Ok, I've mastered stage 1. What next?

Now that you have the ability to hold a thought about having a part of your body transparent, it's time to move on to stage 2.

    * Before beginning this exercise, make sure you have eaten nothing for at least one hour, and drunk nothing but water in the same time period.
    * Put yourself in the same relaxing situation you used for stage 1.
    * Starting with the tips of your toes, and working slowly up the entire length of your body, imagine yourself becoming transparent.
    * While you do this, repeat the word "invisible" in your head.
    * If you do this correctly, you should take about five minutes to reach the top of your head. By now you'll be subconsciously aware of how long it takes for five minutes to pass, and you'll be surprised at how accurate you can be. In total, you'll think of the word "invisible" about 60 times during those five minutes.
    * Repeat this exercise 12 times, and try to do it every day for at least two weeks - a month works well in my experience. Yes, it's a full hour each day, which may seem a lot, but dedication is one thing you'll need if you're to achieve what most people can only dream about. And if you can't manage this stage, you'll really struggle later.
    * Be aware that if anything distracts you from the exercise that you'll need to start over again - a full hour is required, no less. So make sure you unplug the phone and perhaps put on some relaxing music - anything that will help you keep your mind on what you're doing, not on the things around you. If you do choose to have music on, make sure it's something you're familiar with - anything new or unusual will easily catch your attention.

Should I repeat stage 1 at all during stage 2?

It's not necessary to go back to stage 1 at this point, unless you feel you're having trouble nailing the five minutes needed for the full body sweep. Perhaps you moved on too soon, if this is the case. Return to stage 1 for another week, then come back to stage 2 and see if it's any easier.

Great. Mastered both stages - why am I still visible?

Patience! If it was that easy, don't you think everyone would be doing it by now? There is still a long way to go, but by now you are getting your head into the space it needs to be for total invisibility to become effective. All really impressive skills take time to learn and turning invisible is no exception.

Bring on stage 3, then!

A word of warning to those who think they can jump straight in at this stage without fully mastering the previous two - you could do yourself serious mental damage if you are not prepared. I have never taken anyone on to this stage who I wasn't sure was ready for it. Please, if you have any doubts whatsoever, seek the advice of a medical doctor or a psychiatrist. There is a risk involved here and I do not want to be responsible for any decline in your health. If you have successfully completed both of the above stages, you will be mentally prepared for what is to come and you should be fine. But please, if you have any doubts whatsoever DO NOT CONTINUE. You have been warned.

Stage 3

Now, for the first time, we'll get a second person involved in the exercise. This person should be someone you trust, someone who will read through these instructions with you and understand what it is you are trying to achieve. If this person is not sympathetic to your aims, they will only hinder your progress. Ideally they should be your partner, but if you are single you can ask a close friend or a relative to take part. We'll refer to this second person as your "invisibuddy".

Ask your invisibuddy to bring a pen and paper to the exercise. Have them sit near you, quietly, to observe you as you perform the mental tasks I am about to list. At the start of the task, and at the end, they should write down how "visible" they think you are, expressed as a percentage. 100% would mean you were totally visible, and 0% would be a very early (and, unfortunately, unlikely) success - total invisibility. Throughout the exercise, if they notice any change, however small, in your visibility, they should make a note of the time and whether they thought you got more visible, or less visible, than before. This will provide a useful "map" for you to refer to later, to see how effective your mental exercises are becoming.

Apart from these notes, your invisibuddy should have no other input into the exercise - please ask them to keep as quiet as possible throughout the hour. Even the noise a pen makes can be distracting. An experienced invisibuddy will try to match their breathing rate to yours, which can actually aid in your relaxation.

Now, onto the exercise from your point of view:

    * For the first ten minutes you should repeat a couple of full body sweeps as described in stage 2. Keep the word "invisible" repeating in your mind, and visualize as totally as possible each part of your body becoming transparent.

For the remainder of the hour, you will have a new exercise to do. just see in your minds eye your whole body being invisible and with enough practice you should be invisible but remember you have to hold the thought to stay invisible it will become easier once it becomes second nature to you were you can hold it for as long as you want 

Title: Levitation
Post by: Ryan on November 18, 2008, 07:32:22 AM

Physical Levitation
There are three chakras that are associated with levitation. One is the root chakra or first, second, is the heart chakra or the 4th chakra, and the 3rd is the third eye chakra, known also as the 6th chakra. Just choose one of these chakras and meditate on it. Then you possess its power to Levitate. Remember if you develop one system you are also developing the other at the same time. It is like killing a million birds or more with one stone.
For example if you meditate on the sixth chakras, yes, you will possess the power to levitate but also you will possess a light body and clairvoyant, telepathic, and telekinetic power also. Do you see what I mean? If you meditate on the fourth chakra, yes, you will levitate but you also develop love energy as well. And if you meditate with the first chakra, known also as the base chakra, you will levitate but you will also develop a deep planetary connection with the earth and her beauty creatures, forms, Mountains, and life forms of different sorts on earth, as well as in yourself, deep appreciation, inspiration, and admiration for physical health and life caring.

Well, another system also known for levitation is the udana, or the upwards flow of life energy or prana. The udana is located at the base of the throat, all the way to the top of the head. The udana links the 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras together. The udana is the upper part of the susunna and the susunna is the cord that runs up and down the spine and links all the chakras together (from Chakra one to chakra seven), from earth chakras too human and planet and star chakras.
The udana looks like a vertical cord where all the chakras pour their life energy of consciousness and information into it and that's where they all collect. So all you have to do is focus on the upper part of the susunna or also called the udana: the reason it is call the udana is its a Sanskrit word for upwards flow of life forces. You see the udana is very important in that it helps the chakras to exist, integrate, and stay connected.

The udana is responsible for swallowing, putting a person to sleep, and controlling hunger. It is also responsible for levitation, moistening the body, and helping the immune system, and is also responsible for dimensional travel like teleportation and walking through walls, rock, and other obstacles, etc. So you just visualize a small cord the size of your pinkie (fingers) and made it golden and white blue in color. The visualized cord or udana should be from the base of the throat to the top of the head in the middle of your upper part of your body.

Now just maintain that visualization and breath energy into it every time you breathe; you'll see the udana become more visible in form and in color and along with your visualization become more real and vivid along with every breath. This will give the power of internal vision (better than x-ray vision).(aura field), and cells or DNA, etc.

Now once you feel like you've got the hang of it then you add to your visualization that the size of the udana grow larger and larger until you feel that it is big enough to carry you up wards and rise physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually off the ground, water, obstacle, mountain, and country, etc. Once you become good at levitation you will also, at the same time, develop the phase body shift. This is the true reward of the udana system phase body shift and is another freedom that the light body offers.

This freedom allows your body to walk through walls and phase into the earth like it was water. So you can swim in the dirt like water and walk through walls like the light beings or guardians. You can also jump to different dimensions at will, that is the teleportation also (you see what I mean now the phrase killing a million or more birds with one stone). All the psychic method systems are connected. If you develop one system, you are also developing the other at the same time. Now you can have fun flying.

Levitation Method: Part 2
let's begin. In order to levitate using this method, you first must take one of the meditation position or posture, horse stance like in tia-chi or a sitting position like a half lotus or full lotus like in hatha-yoga meditation.
Secondly, with the tongue touching the roof of your mouth, you breathe in and out of your nose always.

Now you begin to close your eye or open them (is a choice), which ever you prefer. Next you begin by visualizing a sun that is the size of a basket ball or larger, the sun color is golden like the morning sun, and is about 4 to 8 feet above your head, and it shines and radiates its golden energy everywhere in all directions just like the real sun in your solar system and other solar systems.

Now as you visualized this phantom sun, you begin to see it with your visualization that it begins to shoot laser like fluid radiant energy into your head, your throat and your soul seat area, with your inhalation, and that this radiant fluid like energy is collected at the soul seat area (known also as the higher heart, it looks like a purple blue flame the size of a fist), located between the fifth chakras (throat chakras) and fourth chakras (heart chakras) in the 7th chakras system. P.s you can make the soul seat look like a golden sun also the size of the fist where you will collect the energy from the phantom sun above your head into that area with your inhalation. Now with your exhalation you begin to make the soul seat rotate clockwise or counter clockwise (is a choice) with the golden light collected energy from the phantom sun above your head making the soul seat looking like a sun also it golden light is radiating from your soul seat area in all direction (this is developing and increasing and collecting inner strength).

Now repeat the process, of inhalation and bringing down the energy into your soul seat as well as collecting it there from the visualized phantom sun above your head and with your exhalation you see the sun golden fluid like energy being collected and rotated either clock wise or counter clock in the soul seat area and its light is radiated in all direction.

As you continue to do this, more and more, the repeated breathing and visualization exercise, your body will become lighter and lighter, the proton, neutron, and electron in your body will begin to flow upward. Then you will float automatically, when this happens, continue to breathe and visualize the about breathing and visualizing habit. So you can maintain your lightness of body, and then you must open your eye, and learn to control the direction of your new developed floating ability.

Remember you must learn to direct your body directional movements according to your choice of feeling. Because inner strengths obey your choice of feeling. The feeling is like swimming in water without holding your breath.

Human Levitation
Effect - A person becomes seemingly weightless and may be lifted from a chair on the index fingers of four smaller people. Although various explanations have been proposed, this classic stunt continues to mystify and amuse.

Stage 1
1.   The person to be lifted should sit relaxed but upright on a firm chair. Feet should be on the floor and hands in the lap.
2.   The four assistants should stand two on each side, one by each shoulder and one by each knee.
3.   Each assistant should make fists with both hands, then extend the two forefingers and touch them together gently but firmly.
4.   The two assistants standing by the shoulders place their extended forefingers under the seated person's left or right armpit. The other two assistants place their forefingers under the seated person's left or right knee.
5.   The person to be lifted thinks "down" and imagines himself or herself sinking into the chair.
6.   In this position the four assistants should try to lift the person. They will find it impossible.

Stage 2
7.   The assistants should now place their palms on top of the seated person's knee or shoulder and together extert a steady force downwards.
8.   While they are doing this, someone counts out loud from one to ten.
9.   On the count of "nine" the four assistants quickly take their former positions with extended forefingers under the armpit or knee. On the count of "ten", they try again to lift the person. The seated person should think "up" and imagine himself or herself rising into the air.
10.   If these instructions are followed carefully, the person will soar straight up into the air on the forefingers of the assistants.

Remember - You may not be able to achieve this the first time you do this but don't worry as things like this take time to master. But you will eventually get it with practice.
When you do achieve this don't start to freak out as you will lose concentration and drop keep your mind on what you're doing.

Title: Teleportation
Post by: Ryan on November 18, 2008, 08:53:31 AM

Taken: Wingmakers (
(     (
When I was seven I had a serious of vision about teleportation and the channels by which physical teleportation would be possible in the visions the two channels by which teleportation run were blue and yellow and a golden energy flow through these two channels.

In 1986 after I had levitated I decided to try teleporting the body from one point to another using the same technique as I had used for levitation so which this I charged the chakras with golden energy of the jewel of the lotus and flowed the energy over the top of the chakras and into the physical.

As I did this the body became light and radiated like it did with the levitation technique. Then I focus on the teleportation channels I flashed both channels from the top of the head at the minds eye and down to the base chakra the channel flashed back up to the minds eye and as it did this the body started changing.

So I flash the channel a second time as the channel move along the teleportation channels the body started to jump like it was trying to teleport but couldn't as the flow of energy rose back up to the minds eye the body started shunting lightening started forming in the minds eye and then there was a powerful white flash and the energy dissipated this was the most frightening thing I had encounter.

I had seen the destination clearly I had flashed the teleportation channels like I had seen in the visions back in the late 70's from what I knew at the time I had done everything right and still I was grounded to the original location. At the point of this exercise I was 16 years old I had no idea that there was a hara line or even a earth star chakra I had only just learned of what a chakra was and at the time the gold energy of the jewel of the lotus was prana energy there was no mention of kundalini. I had no names to know these channels by energy was energy and that all there was to it and I was its master and yet with this belief I had failed with my teleportation experiment.

At this point I walked away from teleportation but I was still so certain that the blue and yellow channels were the teleportation channels as the years went by and I learnt more about energy I study the sushumna channel and learn my first lesson the energy that flows through this channel and out through the jewel of the lotus on each chakra was not prana but was in fact kundalini energy this question came forth because the more I studied pranayama it was clear that prana was drawn into the body through the breath and it was the breath that changed the 5 points of prana in the body it was clear the energy used in teleportation and levitation at the centre of the lotus was not prana, and still there was the question of the blue and yellow channels that run along the left and right side of the sushumna channel.

As time went on I learnt about a hara line and tan tien and grounding to the earth and I learned more about our connection with the earth a short time later I learned about the soul seat and upper dan tien and still no sign of my blue and yellow channels.

It wasn't till I turned to yoga and studied the flow of energy within yoga that I got to a point of wanting to know more that was when I first began to look at the teleportation of the physical body it would be 19 years before I came back to this question. Knowing that kundalini was the key to changing the body I turned to kundalini and found that there was kundalini yoga and learned that kundalini was home to the Siddhi powers it was only when I looked at kundalini yoga that I would know what I had been doing in 1986 and what I had been doing wrong and it was here that I found my blue and yellow teleportation channels.

The blue channel was known as Ida and the yellow was known as pingala and with that I learned that the two channels were linked at the sixth chakra as I had seen in my visions in the late 1970's and that one flowed into the second chakra a chakra where Clairsentience was known to reside which was one of the abilities used in teleportation and the other channel flow into the base chakra and that was where the earth star and base chakra had the their controlling point through the hara line.

At this point things were becoming very clear the reason why I had failed in 1986 and it was clear after carrying these channels with me since 1977 that I was in the right place. As I study the breathing techniques of the Ida And Pingala channels and how they worked in the body I learnt control over them I learned that they needed to be charged with prana energy fully before they would work fully with teleportation.

The breathing techniques are most important in this technique learn all you can study the flow of breath and the channels. The technique I put before you here is based on everything I have learned and my experiments of 1986 at the moment I am charging the channels and making ready for teleportation again. I have not done this technique so far but I know that this is the correct technique for physical body teleportation I have no doubt in that at all.

Pingala & Ida Channels Sunset : Pingala. Plug the left nostril with a small piece of cotton or fine cloth. as you draw the prana energy through the right nostril and down along the pingala channel and into the second chakra hold the breath for a count of ten. then see the channel becoming bright radiant and strong. then slowly breath out for a count of six. Do this for a few minutes.

Sunrise : Ida Plug the right nostril with a small piece of cotton or fine cloth. as you draw the prana energy through the left nostril and down along the Ida channel and into the Base chakra and down through the base chakra into the earth along the hara line and into the earth star hold the breath for a count of ten. then see the channel becoming bright radiant and strong. then slowly breath out for a count of six. Do this for a few minutes.

Please Note .......The above exercises are intended for charging of the teleportation channels.

Sushumna Channel : Prana Breathing
Pranayama is a simple exercise that controls the involuntary continuous action of inhaling and exhaling by arresting and regulating the process of breathing. It has a great beneficial effect upon the physical body and Sushumna Channel which kundalini energy flows through.

Difficulty Level : Easy - Time Required: 5 to 10 Minutes daily
1.   Wake up early morning. Go out into the open air or make sure you are close to an open window.

2.   Sit upright with your legs folded, either on your bed or on the ground. Keep your hands relaxed on your lap.

3.   Take in a deep breath very slowly. As you intake air pull your belly inwards while heaving out your chest. your stomach muscles must be taut.

4.   Hold the breath and count five. Then gradually exhale and relax your abdominal muscle.

5.   Wait for two seconds and then repeat the whole exercise. After you have mastered this technique, you should also try breathing alternating between the left and right nostrils.

6.   Block the nostrils alternately using the thumb and little finger of the right hand, while the remaining three fingers should rest gently between the eyebrows. First, breathe in deep through the right nostril and breathe out through the left. Very slowly. Make sure that your stomach muscles are flexed considerably.

7.   Then change the process - breathe in through the left and out through the right. Repeat the whole procedure for sometime.

8.   Ensure that your position is relaxed and comfortable. If sitting with folded legs proves uncomfortable, you may perform standing. But do not walk about or fidget. Better concentration yields better results.

9.   Begin by practicing Pranayama for a couple of minutes each day and gradually increase until you are doing at least 10 minutes a day.

Teleportation Chakras & Channels

The Minds Eye
The third eye is the center of psychic powers and higher intuition. You can receive guidance, channeling, and tune into your higher self. This is the center that enables you to experience telepathy, astral travel and past lives and is the center linked with the abilities of ESP and Clairvoyance. 6th Chakra (Third Eye) -center for vision

Pingala Channel
The right channel (“Pingala Nadi” in Sanskrit) is also called the Sun Channel. It begins at the Swadisthan Chakra (2nd center) and travels up the right side. It crosses over to the left temple (ego) at the Agnya Chakra. It provides the conduit for our active energy. This energy is comprised of our mental and physical activities.

When the demand for energy on this side is too great, the left side is weakened; the desire to have joy of the Spirit evaporates. When the right side dominates, the personality becomes very dry and aggressive. Excess pressure shoots up into the left temple and into the ego, causing it to inflate into a balloon that blocks the central channel.

Ida Channel
The left channel (“Ida Nadi” in Sanskrit) is also called the Moon Channel. It begins at the Mooladhara (1st chakra) and runs up the left side, crossing over at the Agnya Chakra (6th center) into the temple and superego on the right side of the brain. It provides the conduit for the energy of our desire. From these desires or wishes, our emotions are triggered. Emotions are actually desires that have not yet materialized. These desires and the attendant feelings about them travel through this left channel to the appropriate places in the body to bring about the actions of fulfillment. Our desires are essential for action. Without their impetus we would have nothing to act upon.

Sushumna Channel
The central channel (“Sushumna Nadi” in Sanskrit) is also called the Middle Path. It begins at the place where the Kundalini resides and passes straight up the spine to the highest charka (the 7th or Sahasrara Chakra).

2nd Chakra
Clairsentience is an ability of the 2nd chakra. It is the ability to feel energy. The 2nd chakra is located just below the belly button. Clairsentience (also know as psychometry) is the ability to hold an object or touch someone and sense the energy surrounding that person, place or thing.A clairsentient is an individual who is empathic and senses energies.

Energies can be light or heavy, smooth or abrasive, prickly or gentle, peaceful and airy or 'good or bad'. For example, when sensing a negative situation a clairsentient may feel sick, while a positive experience may feel like butterflies in the stomach, or a sense of feeling safe, peaceful and light. Learning to discern positive and negative energies can make all the difference when making decisions in life.

Spiritual advisors and counselors use clairsentience to feel and sense the information and thought forms in energy fields. The information about the nature of energies is revealed in colors, lightness, darkness, or emotions such as joy or sadness. Sometimes clairsentients experience a sense of movement or stillness, relaying past, present and future life events. This ability is known to be essential for healers, counselors and therapists, or anyone who works with people - especially a psychic or spiritual advisor. You are processing that information through the 2nd chakra. So when you are feeling energy, validate that you are having a clairsentient experience. Clairsentiance is also one of the main Navigational keys used in teleportation of the physical body. 2nd Chakra (Sacral or Water)-center for creativity-colours are orange and blue-green-tone is "U"

Base Chakra
The centre of physical energy and vitality, the energy to succeed in business or material possessions. Center of manifestations throughout the ancient world in historical and mythological stories, the root chakra has been associated with dragons and snakes. Dragons are a symbol for the kundalini fire energy. It is also here that we learn the abilities of grounding and ungrounding from the earth and physical plane through learning to control the Hara line. The Hara line is the anchor in the physical plane so we must learn how to control the hara line for both teleportation and levitation, that is why we can move beyond the planes of existence and use our ability in levitation. 1st Chakra (Base or Root or Earth) - center for courage.

Hara Line
The hara line is the channel the run between the base chakra and the earth star chakra it is this hara line that draws the Ida energy down into the earth and draws the earth star back up into the body making time travel, dimensional travel, levitation, teleportation, and interstellar travel.

Earth Star Chakra
It is your grounding point where body energy is transformed into earth energy and the reverse. A good healthy foot chakra will help you to more easily manifest things physically, as it is the transformer of your thought energy into the earth system and is the anchor to the physical plane.

I would suggest you ask your spiritual guide about this technique if you have any doubts before moving into this technique if something does go wrong it can be very frightening. I know it has taken me 19 years to step back into this field and I will be taking this very carefully as I go forward this time. I would also like to suggest if you’re interested in learning teleportation you look at kundalini yoga and study it. It will only benefit you in doing so and I say this because that is where I’m at now and this is what I am doing. I have placed links and books on the yoga for life page.

Teleportation: Physical Technique
For preparation find a quiet place and a soft surface and lay down or sit in the lotus position.

1.   Now in your own time close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths through your nose and feel the chest rise and fall and relax.

2.   Then visualize the base chakra. At the base of chakra there is a well of energy this well is know as the jewel of the lotus within the jewel there is a light golden energy. Visualize that this golden energy is trickling out of the jewel and spreading out into the chakra. As the chakra spins see the chakra becoming golden in colour with its light radiant energy. Feel that energy.

3.   Now focus on the second chakra and do the same, see the jewel at the centre and see this radiant energy trickling out into the 2nd chakra fill it with its radiant energy.

4.   Then move on to the 3rd chakra and do the same for this chakra and the other chakras till all seven chakra are filled with the radiant energy of Kundalini and in your own time see the kundalini trickle over the top of each chakra and feel the warm sensation of the kundalini as it flows through your physical body. Feel how light the kundalini is in your body and spread the energy through you legs and arms, your chest and pass that energy through you in entire being. Do this for around about ten minutes make sure you body is light and golden.

5.   Now I want you to focus on breathing though your right nostril and draw the prana energy through the pingala channel down into the 2nd chakra hold the breath for about a count of ten and open the 2nd chakra and feel the ability of Clairsentience activating at the second chakra and then draw the energy back up through the pingala channel pass the minds eye and exhale through the nostrils for a count of six.

6.   Then I want you to focus on a destination make sure it is close by lets say a room close by or even in the same room.

7.   now I want you to focus on breathing though your left nostril and draw the prana energy through the Ida channel down into the Base chakra and see the prana energy flowing through the hara line down into the earth and ground it into the earth star and hold your breath for a count of ten. You may feel that the body is trying to jump at this point your even shunt this in normal in your own time draw the breath and prana energy back up the hara line and pull the earth star and hara line back up to the point just above the first chakra and as the energy passes through the Ida channel focus on the destination and teleport through the minds eye as you exhale.

8.   As you arrive at the new destination you may feel disorientated this is normal and will pass breath in again through the left nostril and as the prana energy passes the earth star drop the earth star and hara line back down into the earth and grounding yourself be into the physical plain. Once you are grounded let go of the earthstar and exhale normally.

9.   Give yourself time to return to normal before open your eyes take it easy and do not rush getting up or moving it may take some time to get your senses back to normal.



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