Friday, 28 February 2014

Quotes proving Muhammad Ali Pasha's Turkish origin

HRH Fawzia Farouk says: Mohammed Ali Pasha, was born in Kavala, an Ottoman Province, which is nowadays in Greece. He was not an Albanian. King Fouad the Ist ordered a research on the genealogical tree of the egyptian Royal Family that tends to establish that Mohammed Ali Pacha was from Turkish Origins from Konya. As a commander of an albanian troupe from the Ottoman's army when he arrived in Egypt, In aboukir, he has been assimilated to albanian in history. He was an officer in the Ottoman army ... At that time only Turkish could be at this position. Then he took power in Egypt, and tried to make Egypt the more autonomous from the Ottoman empire. He launched the modernization and the centralization of the country building an army, a fleet, schools, hospitals, reforming agriculture, sciences, building bridges, irrigation systems, etc He ruled Egypt as his own country. He served Egypt as his homeland.

As far as I was taught Mohammed Ali Pasha asked and received from the Ottoman Sultan the title of Wali, which is the same as Governor and Vice-Roi. Under his rule the Pashalik was made hereditary in the family. The first Khedive of Egypt was Ismaïl the Magnificient in 1866 with a Firman from the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, as a reward for the extraordinary progress of Egypt (a province of the Empire) under his Rule. Then, long time after, if i remember well we had our first Sultan in the name of Sultan Hussein.

Melekper Toussoun says: The family originated in Arabkir, went on to Konya before settling down in Kavala.

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