Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How to create a Database in Lunarpages that works correctly

Many Internet users who have hosting accounts at Lunarpages complain that the databases they create do not work properly and end up with errors.

There is a trick in the process. Follow up with me:

1. Create a MySQL Database name (Simple):

2. Create a MySQL Database username (Simple):

3. Grant both 'ALL' privileges from the drop-down menus (Simple):

4. Now both the Database Name and the Username will look like this (Simple):

5. The Database Name, the Username and the Hostname will be as follows (The Tricky Part):


MySQL Database Name: mysite_test

MySQL Database Username: mysite_test

Note: What I did is that instead of providing the Hostname,, I entered, besides, in the Database Username I removed the @

Please, replace both the Database Name and Database Username with the ones you created. However, use the Hostname above as indicated (, only if you found that your Lunarpages Hostname originally was (

Notice: This tutorial applies only if your Lunarpages MySQL Host is If the IP is different, please contact Lunarpages support.

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