Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How to Place Bidvertiser Ads below Post Title in Blogger

Do you want to increase your Bidvertiser revenue by placing ads below post title in blogger? I know answer will be in YES! So here is the solution.

First of all we need to do the following things step by step.

  • Open your blogger account. Navigate to the template section click on Edit HTML.
Click on image to enlarge
  • Click anywhere in the HTML box and press Ctrl+F together to open search box. Type the following code and hit Enter.
If you found the following code more than once then stop at the second one.
Click on image to enlarge
  •  Now place the Bidvertiser code above or below that code you found in search box.
Note: If you want to show ads after the post title then paste the code above/before that code or If you want to show ads at the end of the post then paste the code below/after that code.

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