Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bianca Castafiore's names for Captain Haddock

Here I have the record on all of the names Bianca Castafiore has 
called Captain instead of Haddock. She can never seem to
remember what it is and calls him something different. Below is a
list of all the different names she’s said instead of Haddock.

1. “Mr. Paddock” - pg. 12, The Calculus Affair.
Actually, the first time Captain and Bianca met even Captain said his
own name wrong, introducing himself as “Hoddack”.

2. “Padlock” - pg. 40, The Red Sea Sharks

3. “Harrock” - pg. 40, The Red Sea Sharks.
Instead of correcting Castafiore Captain said, “...’n roll, Signora
Castoroili, Harrock ‘n roll!”

4. “Captain Bartok” - pg. 6, The Castafiore Emerald.
Usually when she says his name wrong Captain will say her name
wrong back on purpose calling her “Castoroili”.

5. “Captain Fatstock” - pg. 8, Castafiore Emerald

6. “Captain Drydock” - pg. 9, Castafiore Emerald
Um, aren’t all docks dry?

7. “Captain Stopcock” - pg. 10, Castafiore Emerald

8. “Halibut” - pg. 17, Castafiore Emerald
Bianca never actually called Haddock that, but she obviously gave the
delivery man that name instead of Haddock when he was
delivering her piano.

9. “Captain Hammock” -  pg. 21, Castafiore Emerald

10. “Captain Paddock” -  pg. 22, Castafiore Emerald
Hey, she’s called him this in the past!

11. “Captain Hassock” - pg. 22, Castafiore Emerald

12. “Captain Bedsock” - pg. 34, Castafiore Emerald

13. “Captain Padlock” - pg. 55, Castafiore Emerald
She’s also used this name before!

14. “Captain Hatbox” - pg. 56, Castafiore Emerald

15. “Captain Hemlock” - pg. 61, Tintin and the Picaros

And Captain Haddock isn’t the only one Castafiore has named wrongly.
In The Castfiore Emerald She called Jolyon Wagg “Mr. Sag” a
lot and also “Mr. Swag”. Then she called Professor Calculus
“Professor Candyfloss” and she called Nestor “Chester”.



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