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Charles Hall and the Tall White aliens

June 6, 2013

Retired airman Charles Hall worked on Nellis AFB in Nevada in 1967 with an extraterrestrial race called "Tall Whites." These alien beings lived and worked on United States Air force (USAF) property, in cooperation and sharing information with the USAF.

Hall has written a trilogy of his interaction with Tall Whites entitled, "Millenial Hospitality,” describing encounters with a race of human-like extraterrestrials during a two year duty assignment from 1965 to 1967 at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.
Paola Leopizzi Harris, photojournalist and investigative reporter, interviewed Hall, as did the reporters on Australian TV in the VIDEO below.

Hall believes the Tall Whites are the only aliens on the base. He is quite certain that the Tall Whites and Greys dislike each other and says Tall Whites would not permit Greys anywhere near their housing or where their children might be playing. The Tall Whites live underground in the mountains of Area 53. Areas 53 and 54 and western parts of the Desert Southwest Game Range are known as "Dreamland."
According to Hall, the Tall Whites, physically more fragile than humans, are envious of our ability to mentally multi-task, being unable to concentrate more than one thing at a time. They can hear higher frequency sounds than humans, with hearing at least equal to that of a dog. Their vocal cords can a make sounds too high for human ears. When several of them would come to Hall’s location, they could talk among themselves using sounds he could not hear, giving the impression of telepathic communication.
They can read a human's mind only if they are wearing one their electronic communication devices. Hall says it frequently happened that Tall Whites would come to his location without their devices. On those occasions, if none of them could speak English, the only way they could communicate was by using hand signals, like pointing and gesturing.
Hall once asked a Tall White known as “Teacher, ”Are there many planets like the Earth out in space?"
The response:
"There are quite a few. However, humans are the only people that we have seen who live so closely with their animals. For example, you feel comfortable milking cows, riding horses, and playing with dogs. Every one of those animals could kill you, but you naturally use your intelligence to determine how each of those animals is thinking. Then you naturally take control of them. Only humans do that. On most planets, once people become intelligent, they don't want to have anything to do with the animals that are much less intelligent then they are, so they kill them off. Also, humans will eat almost anything. On all of the other planets, the intelligent people will only eat plants. We, for example, only eat plants."
Hall is certain the Tall Whites have agreements with the highest levels in the US government. He says the Tall Whites were only willing to exchange technology with the USAF if it was to their advantage to do so, and would exchange information relating to medicine, food, clothing, electronics, nuclear reactors, creating better metals, ceramics, and plastics, and scientific details about our solar system and nearby solar systems. They would not, however, exchange technological secrets relating to anti-gravity drive, travelling faster than the speed of light, or forms of advanced weaponry.
Hall never saw anything that lead him to believe that the Tall White aliens are supernatural, that they seeded our planet or that they want to create hybrids. He did observe craft that routinely travelled faster than the speed of light.
The Tall Whites consider the earth to be “a cold and desolate wilderness."

Source: The Examiner

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