Thursday, 27 February 2014

Meet Paul Hellyer, the World's Highest Ranking Alien Believer

By Patrick McGuire

When I first heard that Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former minister of defence, had revealed he truly believes in extraterrestrial life, I was very, very happy. Paul made the biggest headlines regarding his deep-seated alien beliefs during a speech at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, a mock congressional hearing in Washington, DC, devoted to lifting the “truth embargo” on extraterrestrials. It’s not as if I have been overly anxious for some kind of tipping point where UFOs and aliens would become a mainstream issue, but it would certainly be very cool if it happened, and Paul’s speech made me think that maybe, possibly, hopefully, we were approaching that time.
Beyond Mr. Hellyer’s claims that little green men—a term he avoids, as it is obviously a byproduct of anti-alien Hollywood propagandists—are real, he insists that several extraterrestrials currently live on Earth, and are actively cooperating with the United States government by sharing their highly-advanced technologies with our puny human minds. What we are giving them in return is, to Paul, unclear, but basically he insists that a lot of the stuff that what makes up our high-tech gadgetry has been gifted to us by overly-advanced ETs.
Once Paul’s bold claims about the extraterrestrial issue made their way into my ears and up to my pink, primitive brain, some kind of a mental explosion occurred. I became totally obsessed with locking down an interview with Paul Hellyer himself. After a bit of emailing and weeks of waiting, Paul invited us to his cottage in Muskoka, a beautiful patch of cottage country in Ontario, Canada.

It was mid-July. We arrived during a massive storm where trees and streetlights were knocked over into the roads, and the town was preparing for a tornado warning that never arrived. (A tornado is, if you’re not already familiar, somewhat out of the ordinary for a small Ontario town). The eerie atmosphere made us think, and feel, like we were being thwarted by some sort of alien overseer who didn’t want us to be asking Paul anything about the extraterrestrials’ role in human affairs.
I know that sounds completely ridiculous. And maybe it is. But that’s just the type of paranoia one develops when they’re on the way to visit an accomplished ex-military figure who definitively believes that aliens provided us with the know-how to make our own Kevlar vests.
What followed is what you see here. You can decide for yourself whether or not you think Paul Hellyer is legitimate, but don’t let his age fool you into some superficial dismissal of his intellectual stability. The man is not senile. He has done a massive amount of research and interrogation of people who claim to have been abducted, or were allegedly involved in military programs to reverse-engineer alien technology. The information he has gathered has led him to believe all of his claims whole-heartedly, and there are others like him.
Has Paul Hellyer been coerced into believing a bunch of nonsense? Or is he really on to something? Check it out and let us know what you think.



More on that

Canada’s former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer was chatting freely about how aliens are real in the presence of six American congressmen in Washington. What’s particularly intense about Hellyer’s speech is that he’s not some kooky guy off the street who claims an alien came through his bedroom window in the middle of the night to abduct and probe him. Hellyer is an educated engineer and author who served a long career in Canadian politics. The man undertook the enormous task of unifying the Canadian Navy, Air Force and Army into one single organization now known as the Canadian Forces. He also helped found Canada’s only international UFO landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta. Based on his impressive career, every unbelievable claim he makes about alien life must be 100% true.
Here’s a breakdown of those claims:
  • There are at least four types of alien species, and they have been visiting earth for thousands of years.
  • The different species probably have different agendas and should not be considered as one entity.
  • One of the species is called the Tall Whites. Hellyer claims that two of them are working with the United States.
  • There are live E.T.s on earth at this present time.
  • A cabal formed by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and The Trilateral Commission, the international banking cartel, the oil cartel, and select members of the military are planning to create one world government. They are the ones supressing the information about aliens from the public.
But of course, this most recent extraterrestrial testimony isn’t Paul’s first involvement with the alien awareness movement. In 2005, as part of his 40+ year crusade to let the world know about aliens, he confessed to a Toronto audience that he had once seen a UFO with his wife and friends. Two years after, Paul asked for public disclosure from world governments on alien technology that could potentially save us.
So yes, Paul’s ideas might be a little out there, but his resume certainly lends some credence to his assertions. But it's his mention of the Tall Whites that specifically piqued my interest. Who are these guys? What are they up to? Anyone who has researched the Tall Whites will know that former airman Dr. Charles Hall is the go-to expert in the field. Dr. Hall spent two years working as a weather observer on a military base in the Nevada Desert. That is, of course, where the Tall Whites live. Charles says they travel through space in egg-shaped pods, because that’s simply a more efficient way to speed across deep space. Some intrepid believers were able to spot large egg-like objects on Google Earth in the precise location where Hall said the Tall Whites lived. Which means that these guys totally exist!

I'm now obsessed with the Tall Whites —I personally can’t wait to touch their soft alien skin. Charles claims they’re skinny, pale-looking humanoids made of flesh and blood like the rest of us. Apparently they look Scandinavian. Their eyes are blue and twice the size of human eyes, with transparent blonde hair.
They can live up to 800 years old and instead of becoming old, short and wrinkly like us humans, the Tall Whites start growing taller when they reach 400 years old (Charles says that’s the equivalent of 40 human years). For most of their lives, the Tall Whites are about 5’11”, but they can grow as tall as 10 feet, which would make them really good at dunking on fools. Unfortunately, as they grow taller, their organ growth does not keep up with their skeletal growth, so they basically endure a deterioration process of four centuries as they slowly inch towards a natural death. Sucks for you, Tall Whites!
Ostensibly, the Tall Whites struck a deal with the American government shortly after arriving on Earth. Charles Hall has alluded to some kind of technology exchange program, and Hellyer has also implied that many of society’s wonders are actually just swagger jacked from alien discoveries that have been clandestinely shared with our government. It’s unclear what the Tall Whites got in exchange, perhaps their secret base, stocked with human food and human clothing, in the middle of the desert was enough for them—and if that’s true—they are certainly a low maintenance type of alien. (Random point of view).


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