Thursday, 27 February 2014

Simple explanation of the menstrual cycle/the period

Period: Refers to the menstruation cycle in women. Whereby between the ages of 9 and 16 generally it will start. A girl baby is born with millions of eggs in her ovaries (she has two ovaries) once the girl reaches puberty, between the ages of 9 -16 (give or take a year either side) an egg is released into the fallopian tube ready to be fertilized by male sperm to make a baby! While the egg is waiting the womb/uterus is also preparing for a baby, by thickening it's walls to make a comfy spot for a baby to grow. The egg will sit and wait a certain amount of time for the sperm to arrive, and when it doesn't the egg then starts to disintegrate, and so the uterine lining will start to shed itself also, and out all the contents comes and this is a period. It takes about 3-7 days for the shedding process from start to finish, so this is when a woman bleeds. This occurs every month providing an egg has not been fertilized. If an egg is fertilized then the woman is pregnant, and therefore there is no shedding because all the cushiony uterine walls are needed to protect the baby for the whole 9 months. During that whole 9 months, a women's hormones will change and therefore no egg is released again until after the baby has been born, and her periods will come back.
Hymen: Most baby girls a born with a hymen, some are not. Hymen is a membrane partially covering the vaginal opening or sometimes the hymen is situated further in. The hymen does not effect menstruation/periods, nor does it effect the girl being able to use tampons as it is only a partial covering. When a girl does vigorous sports, rides horses or has sex the hymen should break and this is fine, it's meant to break one day. No it doesn't grow back, and no it has absolutely nothing to do with virginity. A hymen is just a protective membrane for the vagina.
Some girls will talk about their "cherry popping" that means their hymen has broken. Again, although it can happen during first sex, it is not a sign of virginity. Some girl's hymens have broken as young as 7 years old through certain sporting activities. Virginity is strictly based on whether a boy or a girl has had sex. And the definition of sex is the penis having penetrated the vagina.
I forgot to say, yes you can have sex on your period, it's a personal choice, some women don't like it and some men don't like it, and it's rather messy.

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