Sunday, 13 July 2014

Solve Facebook 'Scheduled" ad problem

If you have placed an ad on Facebook and then you find the ad is in a "Scheduled" state and not yet "active", you have come to the right place! Don't worry, I'll show you the trick!

First, the problem comes from the option of having to set a start and an end date for the ads, i.e. a schedule, and not running them continuously in the first place.

You will find the start date in the "Pacific Time" format. Don't be confused!

Go to and see the current date in the middle, in the red box, like in the following picture:

Now, go to your Facebook ad page and edit your schedule, particularly, the field next to the "Pacific Time" on the start date and make it later than the current time in the above website (the time in the red box above) with a minute or two. So, if your Facebook start date is set to run at 8:00 Pacific Time and the current time in the above website is 5:37, edit the start date of the Facebook ad to be 5:38, and wait for that minute to see your ad status turning from "Scheduled" to "active". Make sure to write down the time according to what you currently see in the above website and don't just write the time in the picture. It was just an example.

A picture shows how you can edit the Facebook ad schedule:

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